MODERNA's commitments




Provide products and services in competitive prices

Innovate to last

To respect the women and men who contribute to its performance

Controlling our environmental impacts





Treatment of Electrical and Electronic waste 


Accordance with decree 2005-829 of the 20th July 2005, MODERNA ensure the collection and recycling of household items. 

As such, Moderna is adherent to the ECO-systems organization that ensure management obligations recovery and recycling of its products. All his equipment is concerned and subject to the application of a mandatory ECO-PARTICIPATION additional selling price which the scale is regulated :


Traitement des déchets d'éléments d'ameublement 


Accordance with Decree 2012-22 of the 6th January 2012, MODERNA ensure the collection of its waste furniture elements. As such, Moderna is adherent to the ECO-furniture organization that ensure management obligations recovery and recycling of its furniture products. All his equipment is concerned and subject to the application of a mandatory ECO-FURNITURE additional selling price which the scale is regulated : .


An eco-design approach

The life cycle analysis is a method according to the ISO 14040 series of standards used to assess the environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle.

Moderna called experts to identify and evaluate the environmental impacts of our kitchenettes.
This environmental assessment helped identify priorities for action for the design phase. The life cycle of a product affects all life stages of the product from the extraction of raw materials to end of life through manufacturing and use.



What is NF?

NF mark on a product certifies that it complies with the standards relating to him and possibly additional technical requirements demanded by the market.
The characteristics fixed and controlled by AFNOR CERTIFICATION are specified in the specifications called technical regulations or standards, developed in consultation with manufacturers, distributors, consumer associations, laboratories and government.
Technical certification regulations concerning sanitary ware has the number 017.
The CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), SFC (French Ceramic Society) and the LCIE (Laboratoire Central des Industries Electric) carry out product testing and audits undertaken as part of this application.


On which products is NF?
The NF mark is affixed to the following products :
Sinks and wash hands (ceramic) Bidets (ceramic), Shower Trays (ceramic, steel, cast iron, synthetic materials), Whirlpool water brewing, washbasins and washstands (ceramic and synthetic materials) Bowls with or without toilet cistern adjoining tanks equipped apparatus for community-frame supports. Shower walls and the toilet seat are covered by other NF.


What does the NF?
The NF Mark - FIXTURES certifies compliance fixtures Regulation 017 NF approved by AFNOR CERTIFICATION.
This particular guarantees:
• that the devices are made ​​of a material having the qualities corresponding to normal sanitary, that is to say: resistant to cleaning products reserved for this purpose, resistant to contact non-prohibited chemicals (products to remove stains from rust generally based on fluorine salt are totally prohibit close enamelled appliances).
• that the devices have dimensions that allows, on one hand their connection with the supply valve and dump the other hand replacement.
• that the shape of the bottom of the tank (washbasins, bidets, showers, sinks, bathtubs, etc..) is designed to ensure that, when the drain is open, the water flow without stagnation.
Products marked NF are responsive to their intended use.


How to recognize an NF product?

To distinguish the goods admitted to the NF Mark - FIXTURES those who are not in this catalog, the abbreviation NF is placed next to the item benefiting. In addition, to recognize in trade and during the installation, the NF logo is affixed to the products themselves.