The Firm  


  • With over 120,000 sinks and kitchenettes sold each year, Moderna remains the leader in the French market kitchenette.
  • Moderna also manufactures compact kitchens offering, in a small footprint, the performance of a classical ensemble.


Moderna, efficient equipment


Moderna entering the third millennium with very modern production tools:

  • a production line for sinks stainless kitchenettes fully automated,
  • many CNC machines: stainless steel dispensers, stamping presses, press brakes, automatic welding, automatic brakes, etc ...
  • a line of furniture manufacturing including steel presses and CNC shears, oven epoxy paint, etc. ...


Moderna, products quality


Moderna has committed a total quality approach

  • Boasting a 45-year experience, Moderna subjected its products the most stringent pre-market testing and controls.
  • Moderna All products comply with the legislation in force in the European Union.
  • Before shipment each product undergoes quality control.



Moderna, the quality of services


Moderna is committed to providing its customers with quality services it expects:

  • delivery times shorter All standard products are available in stock and delivered promptly,
  • a 5-year warranty on metal furniture manufactured by Moderna
  • a 1 year warranty on all products sold by Moderna
  • an efficient after-sales service.